Echelon Construction is a high quality construction company delivering great projects to great people. We want to build a company that everyone wants to work for and every customer wants to work with.

Our Core Principles

We have 4 Core Principles that we hold very close and are a part of every decision, discussion and exchange we have.

  1. Build with Honesty and Integrity.

We promise to always be open and honest with you on how and why we build the way we do, no short cuts, no half jobs. We don’t agree with doing everything we can to save us money and still charge you for it, this is sadly the mentality of many builders; nothing will be hidden or disguised from any customer on any project. You have the right to know everything about your home

2. Care for those we work for and with.

I (the owner) have been in construction for near on 10 years and I always said that if I was to ever own my own company I would treat those around me like family. I believe in this modern time we live in we need to look after those around us, not take advantage of them. Life is hard enough without having to shoulder unnecessary problems

3. Loyalty.

This sadly is an attribute that is becoming more and more discouraged by our society. We strongly believe that loyalty should be rewarded, this goes for our subtrade, vendors, staff and customers

4. Help the community.

As we are a younger company we have yet to established steady stream of charitable contributions. Our goal is to volunteer 1 day per month to help those less fortunate. If we are able to do so then we believe we should. If you have a charity that is close to your heart that need help or volunteers please let us know

Our Team

Tim Moriarty
Founder & Project Manager

Greg Hovdebo
Project Coordinator

William Swan
1st Year Carpenter

Join our team

If you want to pursue a career with Echelon Construction, please send us and email with your most up to date CV and we will be in contact